Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fried stuff and milkshakes.

Based on my posting frequency of late, I've decided that from now on I might as well just blog once every four years. So happy Leap Day, everyone!

A couple weekends ago I booked a somewhat last-minute flight to visit Allison and her family in North Carolina. I had Monday off for President's Day and I'd been feeling like I wanted to get out of town. The winter blues always hit around this time of year, so I texted Allison, "What are you up to next weekend?" She enthusiastically agreed to let me come crash their party.

Once I arrived, Allison kept apologizing that she didn't have any fun activities planned. I pointed out that a) I had invited myself to come visit last minute, and b) I don't come to sight-see. I come to hang out with blonde babies and relax. And to eat at Cookout and Bojangles. Mission accomplished! I was especially excited to see Annabelle since since it had been 9 months since I'd last seen her and she's changed so much. Plus, she is just really cute, am I right?

Emaline continues to be awesome and is now super into cats, which I find hilarious. Above is a PSA she created that now hangs on their refrigerator. It's a warning we would all do well to heed. The girls both have headbands with cat ears on them that they wear all day, every day, and anytime Em draws anything it involves cats. (We had a contest to see who could draw the scariest animal and her giant cat that shot sharks out of a laser gun totally destroyed my bear.)

Allison still looks skinnier than me even though she's pregnant. She is a jerk.

A couple days before I arrived, I got a text from Allison that said, "We will have chocolate delight for our second course of Downton Abbey finale. First course is, of course, popcorn." One thing I like about my family is that they have really good ideas.

They are also good at making weird faces.

We had a great time playing outside in the sunshine, reading books, eating lots (and doing a 20-minute workout video!), playing Blokus, and checking out cute neighborhoods for their future house. I also bought two boxes of churro cereal at Wal-Mart to take back with me. And then on the way home, my topknot got a patdown by the TSA! All in all, a successful weekend.


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