Friday, January 30, 2009

New things.

I didn't do a New Year's Resolution post, but I've been thinking over the past month about the kinds of goals I would like to achieve this year. And since I feel like posting them will help me stay motivated to actually meet them, here we go:

First, I'm going to run a half marathon. I don't know why I decided to do this, but the idea popped into my head a couple of months ago and now I really want to do it. There's one coming up in May that goes around Prospect Park and other areas of Brooklyn, so I'm going to start training for it on Monday (by which I mean I'm actually going to go running for the first time since Christmas break). I know there are a couple of marathon runners that read my blog, so if you have any advice, feel free to share!

My other main goal for the year is to save money. As sad as it may sound, I've never had a personal savings account that I contributed to myself. I figure, saving money is part of being an adult, right? I especially want to build up a healthy emergency fund. (Yeah, that's right Dad, I read personal finance blogs now. Can you even believe it?) I'm also working on cutting costs and being diligent with budgeting.

Which brings me to a piece of news: I'm moving! Well, about 20 blocks north. Although I'd been wanting to move further downtown for a while, two of my friends found an adorable 3-bedroom apartment for majorly reduced rent (thanks, Recession!) and asked if I wanted to move in. And when you couple the fact that they're both fun and awesome with the fact that I'd be paying way less rent for a bigger room with laundry in the building (you have no idea how exciting this is) and the express train a block away, it wasn't much of a dilemma, you know? And not only will it help with my goal to save money, but there are two gorgeous parks nearby with running trails that will make excellent venues for my half-marathon training. (See how I pulled that all together?) Some pictures of the new place:

(these were just from the realtor's listing - I'll take my own once we get the place furnished and decorated)

Wow, I was kinda playing it fast and loose with the parentheses in this entry, wasn't I?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greatest moment.

For months, I'd been checking the Colbert and Daily Show ticket sites from time to time with no luck. Around the time that I scored Conan tickets for Jeff and me I decided to check again, and discovered that they had just opened up about 6 months of tapings. Amazing.

So yesterday, I went with a few friends to get a dose of Truthiness. (And by February 9th I will have completed the Conan-Colbert-Stewart trifecta!)

The show was awesome. The guest was Philippe Petit, whose documentary, Man on Wire, I STILL have from Netflix and STILL have not watched. I should do that. Anyway, he was very cool and funny.

Before the show Stephen came out to talk to the audience before getting into character, and to take questions. I hadn't thought of anything clever to ask, but I noticed that not many people seemed to be asking questions and I really just wanted to talk to him, so I raised my hand. He pointed at me: "Yes, young lady?"

"What would you say has been the single greatest moment of your life so far?" I asked.

"You mean, other than this moment right now?" he replied, gesturing from himself to me.

"Well, obviously." I grinned.

There you have it, folks. What was the greatest moment of Stephen Colbert's life? Talking to me.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I think the sun in that picture is mocking me.

A majority of the island of Manhattan is laid out in a grid system. Numbered streets run horizontally across the island, while avenues run vertically and are usually both wider and much longer than the streets. As a result, these avenues have the tendency to create ridiculous wind tunnels. This made for a fun party as I stepped out of the subway and walked along 15th street toward my office. With high buildings on either side of me, it was still frigid, but bearable in my peacoat, thick cozy boots, ear warmers, and huge knitted scarf. But as I stepped out to the edge of the intersection at 9th avenue, I learned the true meaning of "below-zero windchill" as I was blinded by tears and my face felt like it would freeze off. And while I prayed for the light to change, I honestly couldn't think of a good reason why I had bothered to emerge from underneath my down comforter this morning.

I'm seriously considering becoming a hermit for the next few months. Luckily, January isn't all bad, for reasons which happen to make my hermit idea all the more appealing:

(What? Don't judge me.)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

One year.

Sometime over the course of a person’s first year in New York, there usually comes that moment. It can happen in the first days or weeks, or after 10 months. It can happen repeatedly, or without people noticing, at least not at first.

Newcomers suddenly realize either that the city is not working for them or that they are inexorably becoming part of it, or both. They find themselves walking and talking faster.

The subway begins to make sense. Patience is whittled away; sarcasm often ensues. New friends are made, routines established, and city life begins to feel like second nature. In other words, newcomers find themselves becoming New Yorkers.

"It can be lonely, very lonely, and I knew I would find it hard," said Lisa Phin, 25[...] "But if you can stick it out for one year, you’re home free."

-The New York Times

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh, hello.

So I don't know if you've heard this whole business about it being 2009, but apparently it is. Also notable is the fact that I am now back to having a real life (job, getting dressed before 4pm, etc.) after almost two weeks home with the fam in California. It was glorious. I shan't try to relate every detail, because I sometimes feel that talking about how awesome my family is makes other people feel badly about themselves. But here are the highlights:

- the playing of many games, mostly trivia-based or Wii-based, some frisbee-based
- delicious food
- Christmas morning with Emaline alternating between "Oh, it's wonderful!" and "I can't believe it!"
- lots of hilarity
- 14 people living in my parents' gorgeous new house, and not feeling crowded
- Sing-a-long Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre for my Aunt Nancy's birthday, which was amazing. In addition to singing along (the lyrics were up on the screen), audience members were encouraged to shout out comments and make noise at appropriate (and inappropriate) moments--especially cheering for Maria and the Captain, and hissing for the Baroness. The Castro crowd was particularly enthusiastic about lines such as "chase every rainbow" and "the gayest parties."
- In-N-Out
- ringing in the New Year while sipping Martinelli's in the hot tub
- making a family resolution to Be More Fabulous in 2009

Photographic evidence can be found here. And if you think 70 pictures is a lot, consider that I took over 300 to begin with. You're welcome.


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