Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dear Air Travel: Why do you hate me?

I was originally booked on a flight leaving JFK at the very reasonable hour of 11am. I was awakened around 2:45 this morning, though, by the incessant buzzing of my phone. I ignored it but a few minutes later it buzzed again. I stared groggily at the 800 number on the screen and, assuming it was some robocaller trying to discuss my nonexistent car warranty, tried to silence it. Thankfully, between my half-asleep state and the fact that it's a new phone, I accidentally answered the call. An automated voice proclaimed that it was calling from American Airlines and that my flight had been cancelled.

Now I was wide awake. Robovoice informed me that I'd been rebooked on a flight connecting through Boston and arriving in San Francisco at 11:30 pm. This itinerary would cause me to miss an extremely urgent appointment: the midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince with Becca and Krissy.

"To accept these changes, say 'yes'. To reject them, say 'no'."


I got an operator and found out that my only other option was the flight leaving at 7:05 am. I took it, and called Becca to let her know when to pick me up. By that time, it was about 3 am and I realized I might as well get up, as I'd need to leave for the airport in about an hour anyway (I heart public transportation).

I dozed as well as I could on the plane (considering I had an aisle seat that was right next to the bathroom... I also passed on watching Race to Witch Mountain) and was able to take a 3-4 hour nap when we got home. Assuming I'm still on East Coast time, this midnight showing will be starting at 3 am my time. These are the things I go through for Harry Potter.

All I'm saying is, if I'm ever in a job interview and I have to give an example of my dedication and perseverance, this is the story I'm going to tell.


  1. Oh, but won't it be oh so worth it?? I'm so proud of your dedication. I'd totally hire you. For whatever. I'm just sayin.

  2. I hope you don't fall asleep! ;)

  3. bwahahahahahahaha!


  4. And it would make me hire you in a heartbeat. GO, YOU for your dedication =-)

  5. all i'm saying is JFK IS THE WORST.
    i once sat in a JetBlue plane for 6 hours before leaving.

    last time matt and i were 96th in line to take off - imagine how long that took.

    and another time, they boarded us, sat us for 2 hours, deplaned us for 2 more hours then boarded us again.

    maybe it's JetBlue i have the problem with?



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