Thursday, November 19, 2009

Quarter century.

In my first week of being 25, I got called "ma'am" by an NYU student. In my second week of being 25, I'm going to see this.

So I guess you could say it's basically a wash so far.

Birthday week kicked off with a ladies' brunch followed by mani-pedis. It also featured some lovely gifts and cards, as well as listening to small children shout at me on the telephone. Another highlight was the church speed dating activity, in which I managed to talk to at least two guys about Lord of the Rings, and told another one about the Titanic website I had when I was 13. One guy was in grad school for Mapmaking, so be aware that that is still apparently a thing.

The next weekend, Birthdaypalooza was rounded out with a joint party with my roommates, who are also November babies. It was really fun and we got to spend the rest of the weekend eating leftover chips and dip. It was a birthday miracle!

Getting older is kind of a fire hazard.


  1. You met Buster speed dating? I hope you checked yes.

  2. Hahaha, I was going to say the same thing. Happy Birthday!!!

  3. "Hasn't everything already been discovered by now? By, like, Magellan? And Cortez?"

    "Oh yeah, those guys did a pretty good job. But there's still... you know..."

  4. darn you ostler. a titanic website? i only had pages and pages with pictures pasted from teen bop and teen tiger. you win.

    still can't believe you're younger than me. seriously, that might've been the most mind blowing aspect of our 899 relationship for me.

  5. everything about this post is making me giddy with delight - especially your speed dating map friend. fantastic. please tell me he got your number.

    i will be joining you in the 25 realm very soon... wish me luck.

    here's wishing we could celebrate together...



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