Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moomsie daisy.

This picture, to me, kind of represents the mom jackpot. Wearing her most huggable outfit, sporting bodacious hair first thing in the morning, frosting homemade cinnamon rolls for us on Christmas. I kind of want to live in this picture forever.

My sister has already written a much finer tribute than I can, but I will say this:

Thanks, mom, for making it so that I never understood why women in movies are always so horrified when they realize, "I've turned into my mother." Because frankly, that seems like something I can only ever aspire to, and I will count myself extremely fortunate if that day ever comes.


  1. I can't say that that is the most attractive picture of me, but your post is absolutely lovely. Thank you for a great mother's day. And the cheesecake was scrumptious.

  2. Waaaaah! I want cinnamon rolls now. And I think moomsie daisy is gonna stick. I knew I should have copyrighted it.

  3. Been lurking over from Lisa (Badal).

    I kind of want to live in this picture forever.

    Really like how you write, one red-chick to another.

  4. well said as usual. those cinnamon rolls belong in my mouth.

  5. One day for Ephesus, Selcuk, and Mary's house was enough for us. Are you thinking about going?



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