Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today and every day, I have a lot to be thankful for--wonderful family and friends, a job I enjoy, and films starring Ryan Gosling. But one thing in particular I've been reminded of recently is how blessed I am to have a strong and healthy body. I've watched loved ones struggle with debilitating cancers, and I've also seen my parents put their children to shame by running, biking, and lifting weights regularly as they approach their 60s. I have had amazing experiences like climbing mountains and running a marathon. All of these things remind me not to take this body for granted, to care for it the best that I can, and to try and use it to its full potential.

Which naturally includes filling it with a Thanksgiving feast:

I am also thankful for the Costco rotisserie chicken which made my first homemade Thanksgiving quite painless. Not pictured: the pumpkin chiffon pie that we will consume for breakfast tomorrow.

Our new roommate is a vegan, so her feast was a little sparse. (Don't worry, there was also cranberry sauce, roasted chickpeas, and my favorite chocolate cake recipe that just so happens to be vegan.) Which reminds me! I am also thankful for cheese.


  1. Are those homemade rolls?!?

  2. i don't know how vegans can be vegans when it means they will miss the three greatest pleasures in this lifetime: butter, ice cream, and cheese.

    heaven help them.

    kudos to your feast. looks delicious - especially those rolls!!



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