Monday, January 9, 2012


Yesterday was my four-year mark in New York City. Aside from my hometown, this is the longest I've lived anywhere. (Technically, I lived in Utah for 5 years during college, but between summers home, an internship, and study abroad, it was actually under 4 years cumulatively.) It's strange to think that so much time has passed when it many ways these years have seemed to go by faster than any other period in my life.

I have waxed poetic about New York many times in the past and likely will again in the future, so I'll spare you that now. But I will say that I have grown to love this city that has become my second home. I remember during my first weeks here, leaving my apartment in the mornings and just feeling like everything was right. I didn't really have any friends and I was making $12 an hour at my job, but I knew I was in the right place.

Something about this year (unrelated to Mayan shenanigans) feels like a year of change. I don't don't really have any idea what that change is, but I'm excited for more adventures to come.


  1. i feel change in the air too! i can't wait to read about more of your adventures. i am really hoping that that change i smell, means a change in my salary so i am able to afford to visit you in all your New York glory. and also, i'm really proud of you. it was quite a ballsy thing to move to a new city you knew nothing about on your own. i commend you, applaud you and give you a standing ovation.

    was the standing ovation too much?

  2. ps. how rude of me - i forgot to wish you congratulations on your anniversary.

  3. Wahoo! Congrats! It's so nice to hear about other people who didn't bale out after two or three years, and who genuinely love this place.
    And wow, $12/hour?? That is seriously something to be proud of. Living in New York is not easy at all, but thriving here on a tight budget is so commendable.
    Bravo to you!!



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