Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The other day at work a rather... "flamboyant" young man in a tight pink sweater complimented my haircut and said it was very flattering on me. I decided that maybe the fact that he was fabulous gave him more expertise, so I felt good about the compliment. Also, there is a Sassy Black Lady that works in my building, and I love her. Every time she passes the reception desk she says something utterly befitting a Sassy Black Lady. As she was leaving for the day on Halloween, for example, it was: "Now don't you be goin' trick-or-treatin' tonight, child!" You get the idea.

Now, given the relatively low-impact (read: boring) nature of my job, I found myself fantasizing today about the romantic comedy version of my life, in which Sassy Black Lady and Pink Sweater Guy were my hilarious sidekicks and I was wearing fabulous clothes and living in New York and, after a series of charming encounters followed by a comic misunderstanding, I ended up with Jude Law (or that guy from The Nanny Diaries). Stereotypical? Maybe. Totally awesome movie premise? Definitely.

I don't think I'll mention my idea to them, though.


  1. you are funny. i might just like you a little bit.

  2. um hello laura. i'm glad i'm not the only embarrassed one. its not so much the blog, as it is the fact that i am like a year behind the blog fad, so it's like i just copied everyone. which i kind of did.

    stick that in your back pocket.

    i like your blog.



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