Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, crap.

Of course. Of course the one day it's supposed to snow this week is the day I'm driving from Denver to Salt Lake. OF COURSE. I think maybe it's Colorado's way of giving me the final frosty finger, since this will be the last time I have to drive in the snow for... oh, I don't even know how long. Or perhaps I'm being cynical, and really it's like a little farewell party for me, but instead of gifts and confetti it's frigid temperatures and icy death. Great party, Colorado!

Today is a wonderful day, because it is my last day as a temp (at least for a few weeks). I have an interview with the New York Youth Symphony on January 11th, and I have a feeling it will turn out well. I've been emailing back and forth with the internship director since August or so, and he has always seemed eager to have me in for an interview. It's the sort of thing I'm really interested in, and I know they usually hire their interns, so here's hoping. Especially because if I don't get it, and nothing else comes through... well, let me just tell you that there are only so many times a college-educated girl can say the phrase "I'm a temp" before she starts to die a little inside.


  1. The absence of your wit and charm in my life is a void yet to be filled. I am enjoying your blog, and I especially enjoy that my blog is linked here (how do I do that on mine???) because it inspires me to write more often! I heart you LO.

  2. Yeah, that's what Colorado gives people for parties. Icy death.

    Hooray for that interview!! Good luck :)

    Amen about dying inside being a temp with a college degree. I did custodial after graduating, and died a little inside every day.

  3. I had a weird dream with you in it some night ago. We were having a gift exchange or something and you wanted stickers. Yes, stickers. Mickey mouse and some others. Weird eh?

  4. The "frosty finger" bit killed me. If the whole music thing doesn't work out, you should write a book. Or you should just write a book anyway.



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