Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today marked the official beginning of Autumn. I decided a while back that autumn is my favorite season. I don't especially like extreme temperatures (so why I left California for Utah, Colorado, and now New York is beyond me), so Summer and Winter are both out. And Spring seems to get a lot more rain, which wreaks havoc with my hair. Autumn means crisp air, beautiful colors, cute outfits, and the return of sweet, sweet television shows. A few days ago, autumn cemented its place in my heart when I woke up in the middle of the night - windows thrown open, a sheet barely covering me, as has been my wont all summer - and I had a peculiar sensation. I was COLD. I marveled at the feeling for a moment and then reached for my long-scorned duvet and snuggled down in a moment of pure bliss. I will say this: I am proud of having somehow survived an entire sticky, humid, oppressive New York summer without air conditioning. But I will never do that ever again.

Today I celebrated the new season by registering to vote in the state of New York. I thought of an autumn four years ago when I sent in an absentee ballot from London. I thought of last year's autumn spent living with my bebes. I thought of countless beginnings of school years that were inexplicably exciting even though they would inevitably become torturous all too soon. That feeling of possibilities still manifests itself, and is, I think, yet another reason why I love autumn (that, and caramel apple cider). I'm looking forward to seeing how the season turns out this year.

"Autumn" doesn't even look like a word anymore.


  1. This post was a perfect ten. I totally agree with all of it. And I am so proud of you for living through the summer in NYC with no AC. You are a savage.

  2. Mmmmmm caramel apple cider. That's all.

  3. Good for you for registering to vote!!

  4. I also love Autumn. I will actually be walking down the street and go clear out of my way to crunch leaves. Love it.

  5. This sums up all of my thoughts about my favorite season. I also love the fall.



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