Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend jaunt.

This weekend I took a 4-hour coach ride down to Washington, D.C. to celebrate the arrival of a true champion and BFF (and one of the few people who loves TV as much as I do), Timothy Bruce Whiting. After nearly a year of separation, Tim opted to sufficiently reduce the 2,000-mile distance between us. I encourage all of you to do likewise. We gallivanted around his new city, and I have to admit, I fell a little bit in love with it. I'd been there once during my senior year of high school, but I'd forgotten how nice it is. Too bad there's not exactly a booming music industry in D.C. I love New York, but it was nice to get away from the intensity, at least for a weekend.

I also got to see another long-lost friend, Cory Cozzens, though I apparently didn't think to get a picture of us together. The White House will have to suffice. The Cozzens lived in the Bay Area for 3-4 years when I was in elementary school, and Cory and I hung out occasionally at BYU as well. back in the day, Cory and I had great fun getting into trouble for talking during class all the time. I got a B in citizenship in 5th grade because of him. But honestly, if socializing with your peers doesn't make you a good citizen, I don't know what does.

On Sunday, I went with Tim and his roommates to church, and I think I knew more people in that ward than they did. Heh. At least now I'll have many more excuses to make the trip. And since the coaches have free wi-fi, you can look forward to future blogs en route.


  1. You and the boy are quite close. I'm just sayin'


  2. That reminds me of this one time I was in Liechtenstein. Actually, it doesn't, but I haven't said that in awhile. I don't remember free wifi when I did that trip. All I remember is at the departure, some small asian lady yelling and banging a drum. DC is great, glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Jeff, that is because when you went I had not discovered BoltBus. From what I can gather, it's like the Chinatown buses (which I've never taken) but nicer. And about the same price! Oh, and the driver on the way down kept calling us "family".

    Lisa - yes, we are much closer now than we were when he lived in Provo. You are correct. ;)

  4. Oh good gravy would you two just give up and get married?! Come ON. The sexual tension is freezing up my computer already.

    In other news, do you both have your TV spreadsheets ready? Ihopeso.

  5. You guys make a cute couple. Oh, you're not dating? Haha jk.

  6. Oh what fun times we did have. Jot this one down for another "dumb times" of Tim and Laura.

  7. Laura! I am so jeleous that you got to hang out with Tim in D.C. - That is just too fun! I am glad to see that you are doing so well in the big apple. What an adventure. Keep up the good work!

  8. that picture of you and tim makes me so happy.



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