Friday, June 5, 2009


You guys, I promise this is the last of the birthday posts (until, um, August).

I'm heading to the airport in a little bit to go spend a long weekend in Denver at a veritable redhead convention. But there is one very important member of the redhead brigade that will not be joining us, unfortunately. So, what can I say about Becca that I haven't already said? When she came to visit me in New York, she stopped by my office one day and met some of my coworkers. At one point, we both laughed at something, and Brian just looked at us and said, "That was creepy. You guys laugh exactly the same." And that pretty much sums us up, I think. Becca and I are very different in a lot of ways (though people often claim we look like twins), which made sharing a room for the first 14 or so years pretty interesting. But she has been and always will be my kindred spirit and best friend. She is crazy, loud, thoughtful, big-hearted, and spirited, and she turns 22 today. Happy birthday, little girl!


  1. you ostlers are so cute. i'm watching food network challenge: mac + cheese, and many of the recipes include bacon. double bacon reference probably means i should go eat some.

  2. Thanks for the bday shout out!! And perhaps when I graduated we will turn that 14 years of being roomies into 15 when I possibly move to Manhattan! Haha seriously...Krissy and I are talking about moving out there...yeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. my favorite part about this post is the title. ;)



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