Monday, August 17, 2009

35 years.

For their 30th anniversary, they took us to Kauai. For their 35th, they took us to DisneyWorld. I'm already looking into a Mediterranean cruise for 2014. But besides taking us on bitchin' vacays, my parents have spent the last 35 years building a family, and showing us a wonderful example of what a marriage should be. I know that my family's great relationships and the fun we always have together--whether sailing off the Na Pali Coast or sitting around eating popcorn--is a credit to Mark and Wanda. So Happy Anniversary, mom and dad, and thanks for everything. Especially the bitchin' vacays.


  1. Thanks. You are worth it. But about that picture..... I know you took a better one in Orlando!

  2. Happy anniversary Wanda! You really are great!

  3. looooove it. i love that you just said thank you and bitchin' to your parents in one sentence.

    my love for you grows more and more each day.



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