Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gift horse.

One of the shows I do music licensing for happens to be a famous talk show. Today at work, I received a package that came with a nice note from the show's music supervisors, thanking me sincerely for all my help. I eagerly peered inside to see what they'd sent, and was seized by a fit of laughter at the irony. Oprah sent me wine.

I promptly handed the bottle to my coworker who had handled the show before me, as I'm sure he will enjoy it more than I can. I wouldn't be surprised if he has a very merry Thursday afternoon. But as the time of corporate holiday gift-giving looms nearer, my question to you is this: would it be ungrateful of me to say that, in lieu of more alcohol, I want tickets to her Favorite Things episode?


  1. Dude, who DOESN'T want a ticket to her favorite things episode. That's way better than wine :)

  2. You look that horse right in the mouth and get those tickets!! seriously, what do you have to lose??? more wine? yeah, that's what i thought.

    go for it, girl.

  3. i just started thinking about how i would feel if this post began with "so oprah sent me tickets to her Favorite Things episode." i am quivering with jealousy, and it didn't even happen.

    maybe if you tell oprah your dad was an alcoholic and just died of cirrhosis she would feel really badly about sending you wine and give you tickets. just a thought.

    did i mention you have a really cool job?

  4. Hmmmm. . . if you do get those tickets, I know about a little friend you have in North Carolina who would love to accompany her glamorous friend to the taping. =-)

  5. will you go and bring me? Oprah and i are tight. she'll let you in.

  6. this story, read at midnight while minorly drugged, was the highlight of my first post-surgical evening. i think my mom laughed even harder than i did.



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