Monday, October 26, 2009


I recently confessed to my mom something kind of strange. I have vivid memories of being sick, and being so happy when she would put her cheek to my forehead to feel if I had a fever. I remember how soft her skin felt, and even now, the memory conjures feelings of comfort and reassurance.

Happy Birthday to my best mom, who always makes things better. When I felt under the weather during her visit a few weeks ago, I asked her to feel my forehead with her cheek, for old times' sake. I'm pretty sure she cured me. The Cheek's still got it, and so does she. Happy Birthday, Moom.


  1. YES! I'm always trying to find a smooth way of sitting in her lap. You know, when she's sitting cross-legged, creating a little whole for you to wedge your bum in? That's the sweet spot. Let's totally overpower her at Thanksgiving and make her do stuff. Oh wait...that doesn't sound like a new plan...

  2. I consider myself one of Wanda's biggest fans for many reasons, including (but not limited to) her homemade rolls and the fact that she birthed and raised you.

  3. Um, the Wicked commentary email drama post made me a huge fan of your mom. Sometimes when I want to laugh I go back and read it. Speaking of, I'm going to see it with my parents in Denver next month...I guess I just love lesbian affairs that much.



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