Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year.

The holiday roundup:

More pictures here.

Degrees of average temperature higher than NYC: 35
Delicious dinners eaten: 9
Movies seen: 6
Hours spent playing Wii Super Mario: countless
Varieties of pajama pants worn: 3
Old friends caught up with: 6
Peppermint bark eaten: at least half a tin
Hugs: thousands
New nieces born: 1

Annabelle Hope Whitley made her debut on New Year's Eve. Welcome to the family, little girl. You have no idea how many people are in love with you already!


  1. ohhhhh!!! new years eve baby?! that to me is seriously the ideal birthday! so beautiful she is. love the post. especially the part about the pajama pants.

  2. do you like how i talked like yoda? a little bit?



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