Thursday, January 7, 2010

Round two.

Well, I had so much fun last year that I'm going back for more. The New York City Half Marathon is in two months, and I just found out that I got accepted out of the lottery drawing for entry. The race I did last year was in Brooklyn, but this is the big one--it starts in Central Park, then goes through Times Square, and finishes downtown. I think it will be awesome, and I'm trying to keep that in mind as I contemplate training in 20-degree weather.


  1. I wish I would have known the deadline for this earlier because I would have run it with you. Two girls with the same birthday should run a race together. I'm too late on registration though. Bummer.

  2. Nice!! Not in the "I wish I was doing it too" way, but in the "Good for you, glad you're happy" way. :)

  3. WOOT! Have fun training. Bleh.

  4. yeah for halfies! Good job. So...we don't really sign up, we just go run you mind if we join you?



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