Monday, February 8, 2010

Je voudrais un croissant.

Tomorrow is my first day of school. When I finished college, I secretly wished I could stay another semester or two and just take classes that I wanted to for fun. But since I'd already been there for 5 years and gone on study abroad (twice), I figured it was best not to try my parents' patience any further.

Anyway, I'd been thinking for a while about taking a class of some kind, since there are so many options around the city for continuing education. I settled on learning a new language, and decided to try French on for size. My reasons include 1) the fact that I took Spanish in high school and was awesome at it (we won't go into my retention, which is probably more relevant now that I live in a heavily Dominican neighborhood, but whatever), 2) it sounds pretty, and 3) it is one of my life's ambitions to meet a cute foreign boy and have zany/romantic adventures together while riding around on a scooter, a la Passport to Paris.

(For reference, my other life's ambitions include winning an Oscar for Best Original Score, meeting Ben Folds, and being a contestant on Cash Cab.)

My friend Zach signed up to take the weekly class with me, and we've already envisioned great things for ourselves. We're convinced that our plan to speak to each other exclusively in French after about week 5 will amaze both friends and strangers, even though our conversations will mostly consist of things like, "Where is the library?" and "I like oranges!"

I figure that, after the 14 weeks are up, my life in general will look something like this:


  1. Haha! I love that you gave a shout out to Passport to Paris. The Olson twins changed lives...and then went on drugs.

    And how fun that you are going to take a class.

  2. i love cash cab! though i'd probably get kicked out too early on and then get shown to the world how blonde i am under my asian black hair.

  3. I soooo want to be on Cash Cab, too. That would rock. That's hard, though, since I've never actually been in a cab, my chances are worse than slim.

    P.S. Did you know that Amy's moving to New York in, like, a week?

  4. I wish I could take it with you! When I took my one French class last year (also weekly), my teacher was not good. Not good as in I had to keep myself from correcting her all the time. Fortunately Rob's a pretty good teacher. And Foux du fa fa is probably my favorite Conchords song. Jaques Cousteau... Camembert... Baguette!

  5. I think you're better off trying to get on Cash Cab (Nigel lookalike!).

    More importantly, who's Zach and why does he want to take a class with YOU?!

  6. hahahahha. today is the day of good video embeds, I guess! This is the first thing I ever saw (and I haven't actually looked anything else up, I suck...) of Conchords. haha. I love cash cab, you'll get that oscar, and you're amazing. Can't wait to hear all about your class!

  7. Tres bien Mademoiselle!

    Ou est une salle de bain?

  8. "have zany/romantic adventures together while riding around on a scooter"...also a la Lizzie McGwire movie, although that is Italy and not France.

  9. oh, la la, mon amie...c'est un idee fantastique! par ce que ma grammaire et vocabulaire sont si mal, tu ne peut pas m'interroge les reponses des examens, mais nous pouvons parler en francais tous les temps. j'aime bien les oranges, heureusment!

  10. it is among MY life's ambitions to learn French as well. so lovely. and next time i go Paris, i'll feel a little less like a clueless American.

    also, you've successfully had my craving croissants for days since your post first showed up on my google reader {i've just been waiting for TIME to read it}.

  11. from the girl who took french for 6 years and passed the AP exam (somehow) but not remembers none of it:

    Je parle francais comme une vache espangnole.

    (I speak french like a spanish cow)

    Bon Chance!


    we're totally going to france together. done.



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