Monday, March 15, 2010

In like a lion.

This weekend, driving rain coupled with 60 mph winds turned New York City into an umbrella graveyard. On Saturday afternoon, my roommate and I ventured out to the nicer grocery store several blocks from our apartment to get some things for a party we were having. I was happy we were together as I would have felt really stupid clutching my umbrella in front of me like a shield and shrieking if I'd been by myself. Instead, it was kind of hilarious. We opted to take the bus back after finishing our shopping, and didn't really brave the elements again that day (though all our party guests had to... they were rewarded handsomely with pie, though). Sunday morning, the carnage was everywhere--mangled skeletons of umbrellas, dumped hastily in garbage cans or lying abandoned in gutters. It was strangely poetic.

Thankfully, the 10-day forecast shows sunny and 60 degrees, with only one day of rain during that time. Except, guess which day that is? Half marathon day. I also appear to be coming down with a cold, so I'm downing NyQuil and am currently at about 2000% DV of Vitamin C (you can't overdose on vitamins, can you?). Bring it.


  1. I LOVE that someone made a blog just for pictures of killed umbrellas. Awesome.

  2. Oh just as your nurse...You can overdose on vitamins. But you are okay with Vitamin C until your skin turns an orange color. Just lettin ya know. =)

  3. the rain will be your friend. it rained when i did the huntington beach marathon a few years ago, and i got my best time ever.

    p.s. yesterday i was craving ben and jerry's and i was about to purchase a pint of it, but refrained because it was past midnight... but i thought of you.

    p.p.s. i am training for a half too. your schedule is on my mirror. love you.



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