Monday, July 12, 2010

Heat wave.

You know what's awesome? When the temperature inside your apartment is 93 degrees. Doesn't that sound awesome?

If you know anyone who lives in the Northeast (oh, hey), you've probably heard them complain about the heat wave we had last week. Temperatures spiked to the triple digits with high humidity over the 4th of July, and things got nuts. Heat advisories were issued. People posted crazy expletive-filled rants on Craigslist, begging someone to sell them air conditioners. One guy started stabbing people outside my office building.

Thankfully, I was able to escape the city for most of it (except the stabbing spree! that was exciting) and go to Colorado for a redhead bonanza of a holiday weekend. I traded in stuffy subway stations and the smell of hot garbage for:

pajama-time sparklers

baby bedhead

becoming one with nature

and lots of silliness
(okay, I might have stolen this one. my camera isn't quite that nice.)

There were also early morning jogs with my sister (including some nearly-exploding lungs thanks to the 6000-foot altitude change), tons of homemade deliciousness, hours of playing Lego Harry Potter (and NOT with the 5-year-old, oddly enough), swingsets, zoo animals, hugs, stupid jokes, and Oreo pancakes.

Thanks to a crazy thunderstorm on the 4th, we opted to enjoy NYC's fireworks display on TV (which, ironically, it turned out that many of my friends in New York did as well). We were champs, though, and were rewarded the next night with re-scheduled town fireworks that we enjoyed with a giant bag of freshly-popped popcorn.

I had a great time and, as always, was reminded that I kind of like my family. But soon enough it was time to come back to New York and my nightly Sophie's Choice: the TiVo in the living room, or the air conditioner in my bedroom. Reality can be harsh sometimes.

More pictures here.


  1. A stabbing spree, huh? That sounds... exciting?? I'm glad you had fun. John and I can't get over the idea of oreo pancakes. Want. Some. Now.

  2. girl, why you gotta be so pretty?

  3. Dang you win Laura. Our place was only up to 91 degrees last week. Our A/C has been broken for the past 5 weeks. Conveniently the hottest weeks of the year. I look forward to seeing you in D.C.!

  4. first of all, oreo pancakes? sign me up.

    second, you look amazing in the picture. it truly captures your beauty and wonderful laugh... i can almost hear you.



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