Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Of mermaids, pasties, and corn dogs.

A couple weekends ago was the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. The parade happens every year to celebrate the start of summer. And since anyone can march in the parade and New Yorkers love any excuse to let their freak flag fly, it's extremely entertaining. My favorite was seeing a woman with pasties on (a common sight at the parade) holding the hand of her young daughter. It's a family event!

A group of us made the long trip out, with a pit stop on the Lower East Side for donuts on the way (of course). It was fun to be on the train and see people get on at various stops with their costumes on. I'm already planning my outfit for next year.

There were more than a few oil spill-themed floats and costumes.

We finished off the afternoon with corn dogs and soft serve, because it would be criminal to leave Coney Island without enjoying all it has to offer. Plus, I was just happy I didn't have to run there, so I was milking it.


  1. #1-- my good friend was totally there... with her daughter. maybe she was the one in pasties. i wouldn't be surprised. hahahahha.

    #2-- saw some puppies today, and thanks to you, all i could think was: PUPPIEEEEEEEES!

    love you!

  2. "Merman, Merman."

    Were there any Mermen?

  3. i really wish you were closer.



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