Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I've often thought that having a single day to commemorate my entry into the world was sadly inadequate. Luckily, I seem to be finding opportunities to more fully celebrate this wondrous event throughout the month of November.

Last year, watching the ING New York Marathon became one of my all-time favorite activities, and this year it just happened to fall ON my birthday. My friend Zach, who was my spectating companion last year, held a pre-marathon brunch at his apartment. We ate and made signs and tracked the pro runners on my iPhone (the winner averaged a 4:53 mile, no big deal) and then headed over to 5th Avenue to watch.

We loved watching the masses and yelling out random people's names (many runners put their names on their clothing). Our signs were a hit--mine especially, for obvious reasons--with many runners giving us thumbs up our shouting things back at us. One guy came over and gave me a hug before running on. I also got to see my friend Reagan running (who had given me my birthday haircut a couple days earlier!) as well as Suzette, one of my friends from work. It was so much fun, and made me even more excited to run it next year.

I rounded out the day with a trip to my beloved Shake Shack with a couple of the ladies, after which we laid around watching random movies on TBS and feeling cozy. I also had calls from various family members and got to listen to several children shout the Happy Birthday song at me over the phone, which is always a win.

Last weekend was our now-traditional roommate joint birthday party, which this year added another friend with a November birthday. With our combined ages, it's a wonder we didn't burn the apartment down, but we managed to have a good time without having to invite the fire department.

To counteract all this aging, my two best friends in the world and I will be embarking upon the Greatest Vacation Of All Time (TM) this Thursday in Orlando. After that, Becca comes back with me to New York for a week of Broadway, delicious food, holiday lights, and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. My excitement levels are about on par with a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve, so it's good to know that even after 26 years I haven't become too much of an adult yet.


  1. "You are EXTREMELY good-looking" reminds me of "my dad IS my hero." I love it. Why are so awesome and hilarious?

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Your sign reminds me of Conan's cold open this year :) And I'm so glad you guys did a lot of candles rather than number candles--it makes it much more awesome.

  3. I love your sign. It's really awesome. And, I just went back to the link for your vacation and saw that I commented about HP world and being really jealous you were going there. Long story short, I bought my plane ticket to Orlando two days later and 10 days after that I was drinking butterbeer and having dinner in the Three Broomsticks. How funny. You are going to LOVE HP. And, a world of advice, if you want to, take your time in the line of the Hogwarts ride. You'll want to stay in the castle longer. Don't worry if people are passing you either. My only regret :) AH! I'm jealous. I want to go again!

  4. words cannot express how much i love you right now.

  5. I can't wait to hear about WWHP! Isn't it the best?? Oh man. And how cool is Hogwarts? I want to go back. I wanted to stay there actually! So cool.

  6. you plus marisa's comment, made me laugh out loud. and i don't even know if i'm in on the inside joke.



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