Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall foliage.

You guys, I love Fall so much. It's always been my favorite season, but I think living in New York has given me an even greater appreciation for it. And while there are many great things about summer in the city, I am only too happy to say goodbye to sweating in the subway, the smell of hot garbage, and people blasting music on the sidewalk at 3am. Now is the time of gorgeous colors in the park, boots, salted caramel hot chocolate, and baking every treat I can find that is even vaguely pumpkin-related.

Recently, a few friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Boston. I'd never been, and I really loved it. But can we be honest? Boston is not a real city. I mean, it's beautiful and I would totally live there, but come on. It reminded me a lot of the touristy parts of DC--lots of brick buildings and wide streets. At one point, we decided to walk through Boston Common for a bit. After like 10 minutes of walking, we came out the other side, and kind of looked around, puzzled. "That's it?" Heh. I guess I've been desensitized a bit by New York?

Harvard was also very nice. I totally should have gone there. Here you see the first stop we made after dropping our stuff off at the hotel--an ice cream place across from Harvard yard. (That sentence kind of makes it sounds like our hotel was the ice cream place, which is something I can only dream about.) Pumpkin and chocolate chip ice creams in a cone? Yes, I'll have that.

We did all the obligatory tourist stuff--Italian food, the Freedom Trail, clam chowder. Aside from our bus driver almost making us miss the season finale of Mad Men, it was a delightful trip.

The next Saturday involved a day trip with some other friends to Sleepy Hollow, about 30 minutes north of Manhattan (which I refrain from calling "upstate" thanks to Noelle). We frolicked in the cemetery (who doesn't?) and visited the Headless Horseman bridge (pictured above). I would really be interested to know the amount of revenue that town sees in October compared to the rest of the year.

I'm actually excited to pull out the coats from under my bed, and to have a use for all my scarves other than preventing frostbite at my office. And while I know that come January, the tears will freeze to my cheeks as I cry over the arctic temperatures--for now, I'm in heaven.


  1. Haha, yeah I think you're desensitized. Some cities end eventually, and not just because they're surrounded by rivers :)

    I'm loving this fall, too! I was so dang hot being pregnant this summer that I just love the crisp air and pulling out sweaters--even though it really hasn't gotten too cold around here yet.

  2. Thank you for letting me live vicariously. I love Fall. More than ice cream.

    Last year we went to Sleepy Hollow on Halloween night. You know what happened there? NOTHING.
    The hole town was closed at like, FIVE! Nothing!
    We went to the graveyard to take a tour... nope. Sorry. Tours (the only thing going on in the town) are over at 8:30. So we decided to sneak into the graveyard instead, which might have been more fun.
    How lame! You would think they thought - after changing their town's name to Sleepy Hollow - that they would use it to market Halloween to all the New Yorkers who can hop on a train and get their trick-or-treat on. So lame.
    But I still loved it and miss it back east terribly.

    And no. Boston isn't a real city. Few places are. I don't believe L.A. is either.

  3. I love this season too, and have always loved having my birthday in October. It's been gorgeous here too and I love it!!

  4. your trip to boston is making my mouth water. how cruel of you to flaunt those overstuffed ice cream cones.

    also, remember my large raggedy scarf i wore in london? it may or may not make an appearance this winter. i'll let you know.



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