Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Into the field.

A few weeks ago I stood in front of my parents' church congregation and willed myself not to cry. In a few minutes, my little brother would be giving his missionary farewell talk. I was about to sing a hymn whose words were a little too apt for the situation and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get through it without getting emotional. Don't look at anyone, don't think about the words, I thought. SING LIKE A ROBOT.

Somehow I kept it together, and David gave a wonderful talk, despite my attempt at sabotage by giving him a big hug right before. That day we all got a glimpse into the wonderful missionary he will be for our Church.

My oldest sister Sarah already posted a great tribute to David, and I won't attempt anything like it since a) it would fall short and b) I generally try not to cry at work. But David leaves us tomorrow to go to the Missionary Training Center, and I wanted to acknowledge the occasion. I know he will have amazing experiences and that he will develop a great love for the people he serves, and vice versa.

We're proud of you, Doov. Good luck!


  1. "Sing like a robot". I love.

    My brother will be heading out in six months and I can't handle it..it IS awesome though.

  2. It's official. We just got back from the stake president's office and David is a missionary. It was a pretty emotional experience, and much was said about what great sisters and brother he has.



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