Friday, March 11, 2011

Called to Serve.

This dapper young gentleman:

is all grown up and received his mission call yesterday. Surrounded by his college buds and while Skyping and conference calling with various family and friends, David found out that he has been assigned to the New York, New York South mission and will be teaching the gospel in the Mandarin Chinese language!

It's very possible that I was more nervous than HE was as we waited for him to open the envelope. When he read "New York, New York," everyone (especially me) erupted into cheers, which doubled when he read "Mandarin Chinese." David started taking Mandarin this semester because he really wanted to learn it, so he was thrilled with this news. And while he won't be serving in Manhattan, I'm hoping I'll have an opportunity to "accidentally" bump into him (with freshly baked cookies in hand, probably) at some point.

I can't believe that the little boy with the bowl cut is going to be leaving us for 2 years. David is the baby of the family, and over the years has been subjected to all kinds of humiliation at the hands of his older siblings. And yet, he still turned out to be one of the nicest kids you'll ever meet, and he loves his family a lot. I couldn't be more proud of him and I know he will be a fantastic missionary.


  1. I love how I've seen that picture of David like 12 times, but I've only seen him in person like twice maybe? Anyway, that is awesome and all Ostlers related to you are exceptional people so I'm sure he will be an incredible missionary!

  2. I might have already posted something similar and yet I'm still reading every one of these words and getting excited/nervous all over again.

    We are going to have to up the smothering in May. To help tide him over, of course.

  3. how exciting! for a second i almost had a hard attack at just seeing the 'called to serve' title and thinking it was going to be you! can't wait to see you in new yooooork! ;-)

  4. I can't believe he's going to New York! What are the odds??? and I'm sure it would be an accident to bump into him with freshly baked cookies :)



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