Wednesday, July 13, 2011

End of an era.

Tomorrow morning, Becca and Krissy fly in for a long weekend of playing in NYC. We decided it was only fitting to celebrate/mourn our final HP midnight movie experience with one last Potterpalooza (although of course, nothing could top our last one). I honestly don't know if I'm more sad that the series we love so much is ending, or that we won't get to have this tradition anymore, but either way there is a 100% chance that I will cry.

Still, I could not be more excited for my BFFs to get here and for a weekend full of the kind of silliness you can only have with people you've known for 20+ years. We're going to have some fun.


  1. Laura... I can't even talk about this... I'm one of those freaks that if I ever saw Daniel Radcliff in real life, I'd for real think I was in the presence of Harry James Potter. I just bawled through Order of the Phoenix last night and husband thinks I'm nuts, as do most people. I can't even handle the end. I think I need to take some sort of medicine.

  2. Friendships are truly treasures, and friendships with people(including family) who have known you through ups and downs are golden. Have a golden weekend!

  3. JEALOUS!!

    I'll probably cry when I order popcorn.

  4. Remember when I fell asleep during HP on our flight to London? I guess as far as our friendship with you is concerned, Krissy: 1, Marisa: 0. BUT I am still seeing it on Saturday night and will be wearing my hand-drawn-with-Sharpie HP shirt.



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