Saturday, March 3, 2012

Live from New York.

A few weeks ago, Karrie and I got to go see Saturday Night Live. Tickets to the show are hard to come by--you either get picked from a lottery (nearly impossible) or sleep out overnight for standby tickets, which don't even guarantee entry to the tapings. Being the hardcore fan she is, Karrie had tried the latter method a couple of times without success. Thankfully, one of my lovely clients was nice enough to get us in to the dress rehearsal, which they run through start-to-finish a few hours before the live show.

After messaging each other pictures of outfit possibilities back and forth, we met up outside 30 Rock and were led upstairs to wait in the hall with a bunch of other ticket holders. Soon, one of the NBC pages came through, pointed at us and a few others, and told us to follow him. We rounded a corner and the page leaned in conspiratorially: "I didn't want to tell you in front of everyone else, but you guys will be sitting on the floor." Obviously our outfit vetting had paid off and we impressed the producers with our stylishness. We were excited and I figured Karrie would probably have a heart attack. Then we passed through a back hallway and Seth Meyers walked right by me and I thought I would probably have a heart attack.

We ended up sitting on the center aisle, about 5 feet from the stage, so that most of the cast passed next to us going to and from the stage. I'm not even a regular viewer of the show, but it was really fun seeing how it all works behind the camera (the studio is relatively tiny and they just build up and break down sets in random corners in a matter of minutes). Zooey Deschanel was hosting, and there were guest appearances from Jean Dujardin and Nicolas Cage which were awesome. Also, Fred Armisen smiled at me which I'm pretty sure means we're BFFs.

After the show we stopped in at a Valentine's party some friends were throwing. We hadn't been there long when some neighbors from an apartment below came to ask us to keep it down. It was 11:30pm on a Saturday night in a New York City apartment. Sorry guys, I can be as curmudgeonly as the next person about noisy neighbors, but even I wouldn't be mad about that. Still, the music was turned off and some people started slowly trickling out. Then, around midnight, a few police officers showed up to tell everyone to leave. I hope the cops had a good laugh after the big group of Mormon kids were gone, leaving behind plates of sugar cookies and empty soda bottles, and they realized they'd just broken up the equivalent of an elementary school birthday party.

No matter! We took the after-party back to Karrie's where we baked (more) cookies, watched the live SNL show, and stayed up way too late. Not a bad way to end a night.



    ps - bring Karrie when you move here. kthxbye.

  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Your life is so cool.

  3. I want to marry this blog post...



  4. i think i have to concur with sarah. then i will make my own comment stating: why couldn't it have been me next to you coming face to face with my fashion icon AND seth meyers. and that nicholas cage skit is one of the funniest things they've done on snl. hilarity at its finest. p.s. you guys look stunning!



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