Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring fever.

March has been good to me thus far, and it just seems to be getting better. I don't get what Caesar was whining about, you know?

Like many places, we had a sudden burst of Spring weather a week or two ago. In New York City, this means that a population accustomed to surliness and the wearing of black is now dressing in bright colors and wandering the streets on balmy evenings acting like everyone just got out of jail.

I ran my fourth half marathon yesterday, and managed to barely hit a new PR (although I was a mere 4 SECONDS away from my goal--I laughed out loud when I saw my time). With how spastic my training, eating, and sleeping habits have been lately, I'll take it. I felt good and I got to see my friend Zach who was running his first (and totally killed it), so it was fun. Also, one nice thing about this city is that you can wear a space blanket cape on the subway and even if people didn't know there was a race, you definitely aren't the weirdest thing they've seen that day, so it's fine.

This is happening. Also happening this week? Company coming to visit, seeing The Black Keys at Madison Square Garden, Hunger Games coming out, and the long-awaited return of Mad Men. And I still have my space blanket cape, so I'm pretty much set for awesomeness.

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