Friday, May 11, 2012

I like Colorado.

Here are some reasons why:

Cash incentives (and ego boosts).

Birthday brunches, complete with Sarah blowing out the candle on the traditional birthday pancake (and then devouring the traditional birthday breakfast burrito).

Walks in the sunshine with mini-me.

Spectating in the shade with the puppy.

Being the best babysitter of all time (I messaged this picture to Sarah while they were out to dinner).


Roastin' peeps.

Some honorable mentions (not pictured): going running at Red Rocks and not suffering a pulmonary embolism, a James McAvoy appreciation session with a good friend, dear sweet cousins forgiving me for not visiting (right?), and the long-awaited return of Sherlock. It was a fantastic weekend! And really, anytime you can say, "I feel outstanding about everything I've eaten today," you've pretty much won at life.

1 comment:

  1. If we could be given rewards for "best use of calories in one day," I would be the champion for that Friday. Maybe ever.

    Glad you came. Fun to have you. Last night in her prayer, Gemma said, 'Bless that Wora can come back soon.' So there you have it.



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