Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thinking about...

Stealing blogging ideas from other sources.

Last tutoring session of the schoolyear was this week, so my subpar chemistry knowledge will be put on hold for the summer (but isn't my student the cutest thing you've ever seen?).

Sometimes I voluntarily practice the piano for an hour and then I want to call my mom because when did that ever happen?

Have you been watching Sherlock? If not, do yourself a favor and watch the first season (three episodes) on Netflix streaming. Then watch the second season on Or just buy the DVDs. You won't be sorry. Remember how I told you to watch Downton Abbey? I didn't lead you astray with that one, did I?

Humidity levels less than 90% would be a welcome change right now. 
New life plan: write a wildly successful young adult novel and use the profits to open a bakery.


  1. Wait so you are a Chemistry tutor? Man am I out of the loop.

    So glad you are playing piano... will you record some more songs already??

    Sherlock is awesome; not surprised you share my love for British mystery given our British Mystery Novel class in London. Same goes for Downton Abbey.

    I hate humidity. And pretty much just being hot and sweaty in general.

    Finally, my new life plan is to read your young adult novel whilst eating your bakery goodies.

  2. I've just been tutoring once a week for the last two school years... there's a program run by the singles wards here. I actually started out teaching my girl (Kimberly) piano but lately she's been needing more homework help so we've been doing math and chemistry. Sometimes I have to look up stuff like "polymerization of hydrocarbons" on my phone, but let me tell you, I can still prove a side-angle-side theory with no problems.

    And I knew I could count on you to share my love of Britishness!



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