Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mad props, part deux.

Some more things to which I wish to pay tribute (in no particular order):

1. My family. I feel like I've heard a lot of people (mostly coworkers) talk recently about what a drag it is to visit their families, and how they can't stand being home for more than two days at a time. To which I must say, I am sorry your family is not as cool as mine. When my family is together, we play Rock Band, we take sweet vacations to exotic locales, we mock each other, we eat delicious food, we have witty banter, we play alphabet games involving a clergyman's cat, we see good movies, and we hug quite a lot. In short, we are awesome. So good job, family.

2. The Girl Scouts of America. I started jonesing for Girl Scout cookies a couple of weeks ago, and was seriously at the point where I was looking up the nearest troop to see where I could order some Thin Mints. As fate would have it, one of the interns at work has a sister who is a Girl Scout. She brought the order form in to work and by the end of the day had over $300 worth of cookie orders. Heh. (To be clear: that was not just my order.) So this afternoon at work I sat reading script pages for an upcoming episode of one of my favorite shows (studios sometimes send them with the license requests so the approval parties can see how the songs are going to be used), drinking a Diet Coke and munching on Thin Mints, and pondered what a wonderfully pleasant day it was.

3. David Charles Ostler. This little hooligan turned 16 today.

Happy Birthday, dude.

4. And last but not least, my cousin Lisa, who is a new mom. Congratulations!


  1. If the script in question was for The Office, I am so jealous.

  2. You know Doov's birthday is the 25th, right?

  3. Crap, I should have added a "LOL" so that didn't sound as jerky. But I hate LOL.

    If I could get a funny emoticon in here, I would do that. So imagine that, making the jerky response more whimsical and endearing.

  4. Heh, that's so weird, I didn't even notice - I actually "published" the post on the 25th, but I had started writing the first part of it on the 24th and saved a draft. But Blogger keeps the original date/time of the entry, so it listed it incorrectly.

    And I was so confused when you said that, because I posted it after I had talked to Doov on IM and wished him a happy birthday and everything, so I was like "WHAT DAY WAS IT?"

  5. Okay, that makes sense. Blogger is weird about that.

    But actually, you talked to Doov on Monday and he was laughing that you got the day wrong.

    Heeeee j/k ROFLMAO LOLzies

    (Am I missing any?)

    BTW, what show? Or is that top secret info?

  6. Oh man, I could use some tagalongs right now.

    Thanks for the congrats!!



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