Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shooting stars came out of my head when he danced with me.

Ross: Someone brought a basket of mini-muffins to work one time, and everyone went crazy over those little guys! It was the best day.
Chandler: Your work makes me sad.

The above quote from Friends pretty much sums up my Friday. Someone brought in mini-muffins, and it seriously was the best day. Does my work make you sad? But seriously folks, as I popped the little chocolate chip pastry into my mouth, I just had a feeling it would be a great day. And it was. I had a ton of work to do, which I always really like, because it makes the day go by faster and is far more interesting, not to mention the fact that I feel useful and productive. And really, I had my fill of "waste-all-day-on-Facebook" jobs when I was a temp. James Blunt came around 6 and played a few songs for us in our lobby. He did a good job, although he looked really nervous. Also, he is wee. After that, I met up with my roommate Megan at the concert, which was awesome! Sara Bareilles was absolutely amazing live. She sounded even better than she does on the CD (for those who know her music, she sang "Gravity" last and I got chills, it was so gorgeous). Anyway, from the concert we headed over to Times Square to meet our other roommate for a late showing of The Other Boleyn Girl (good not great), and I eventually crawled into bed around 2:30am.

Saturday was uneventful aside from the usual grocery shopping and laundry-doing. And then Megan and I watched one of the greatest movies of all time. It all started a couple of weeks ago when Megan said something (I can't even remember what... great story, right?) that prompted this conversation:

L: Oh man, that reminds me of this movie we used to watch when I was younger, The Slipper and the Rose...
M: You've seen that movie?
L: YOU'VE seen that movie?

Heh. Megan ended up buying it on DVD, and we had a fabulous time watching it on Saturday night. I couldn't believe how vividly I remembered it - the songs, the dance numbers, the chest-hair-bearing ruffly shirts - but it was as glorious as it was during my childhood, if not moreso. But really, how can a 1970s-era musical starring Richard Chamberlain that includes a song called "Protocoligorically Correct" go wrong? I submit to you that it cannot.


  1. Haha I just asked Randi if she had seen that movie, and she hadn't. I guess I always figured everyone's seen it...looks like me and her have plans for this weekend now! We just finished watching one of her favorite movies..."Death Becomes Her" which is one of the worst movies of all time. It's really weird...don't see it. Peace!

  2. Now I want to watch that. I felt the same way about The Other Boleyn Girl. I think I watched the trailer so many times that I built it up in my mind.

  3. wait, so you're telling me you bend the bindings on purpose? i don't understand. i'm afraid we can't be friends anymore....okay so it's not with all books i'm like that, just my special ones, especially paperback ones. it doesn't really bother me. it would bother me more if i accidentally bent the binding.

  4. See, the beauty of Slipper and the Rose is that not only does it maintain the majesty it had years ago (I mean, the costumes and dancing alone are worth it!), it only gets better when you're older because you realize it's FUNNY! Sarah and I (and Joel, in his effort to prove to Sarah what a catch he was by being 1 of only 2 men in the Varsity Theater that night) realized this upon our rediscovery of the movie years ago.

    And now I can't wait for Mabes to be old enough to appreciate it. And then Dave will have to watch it!



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