Monday, March 10, 2008

Mad props.

I think it's good to show appreciation every now and then for the things that bring a little extra joy to our lives. So here are some that I feel deserve a little recognition of late (in no particular order):

1. Daylight Savings Time, for making it so that it's still light outside when I leave work now (thus I am willing to overlook the fact that it left me feeling sleep-deprived all day).

2. My hair, for cooperating and looking especially good today.

3. The O.C. reruns on SoapNet, for supplying excellent topics for discussion with my boss by the copier and/or in the ladies' room.

4. The C-Town [Town] grocery, for having Dreyer's half-gallons on sale for $2.99.

5. New York in general, for being a fantastic place to live, despite (or because of?) the fact that our governor has been linked to a prostitution ring, our drinking water is laced with drugs, and my neighborhood is among those most affected by a "citywide syphilis surge."


  1. ok, a of all your hair always looks great, and b of all those are the best things about new york. they should be on postcards. maybe then the tourists would go away...

  2. Hahaha watch out for the syphilis surge ;)

    I'm so sad for you that you watch the O.C.



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