Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So Becca is coming to visit this week, and I bought tickets a while back for us to see Wicked on Friday. She's never seen it, and even though I saw it twice in London, I loved it and will gladly see it again. Part of the reason I saw it twice was because of the girl playing Elphaba, Kerry Ellis, who was absolutely amazing. We even considered going a third time, but she was on holiday that week so we decided not to. And guess who I just found out will be joining the Broadway cast today as Elphaba? Kerry Ellis. I love my life.


  1. Oh goodie! I have no idea who she is or what this play is about but I'm super excited!!

  2. How much were your tickets? I would love to go again when I am in NY... you know, if you're interested.

  3. i have been a total nerd lately and looking up shows, i kind of want to see cry-baby and in the heights...have you seen either one? yeah i heard kerry was coming, she's there until november i think. word is she is going to try to do an american accent...should be interesting. let me know how it is and if i should come see it before she leaves!



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