Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In a few minutes I’ll be leaving to pick up Becca at JFK airport. When I talked to her yesterday to discuss our plans and expressed some concern about the amount of things she wants to do/see, she claimed she wants to see the city “Dad-style.” For those who may not be familiar with my dad, that’s basically code for “Walk until you are dead.”

As previously noted, my dad plans the best vacations ever. What I didn’t mention is that his favorite part is actually planning them, with his yellow legal pad out and dozens of potential activities scheduled and crossed out and moved around. Sometimes the vacations are low-key and relaxing, like a trip to Hawaii or hanging out at Lake Tahoe. More often than not, on one hot summer day you end up going all around Versailles and up the Eiffel Tower and down the Champs Elysees, marching through the streets of Paris until you finally collapse on a bench in the Rubens gallery of the Louvre. (Metaphorically speaking.) But it’s worth it, because you see everything and have some awesome experiences and memories to take away from it, and also you are rewarded with an awesome night cruise on the Seine where you get to sit for a long time.

So per Becca’s request, we will be tearing this city apart over the next four days. Tonight we’ll prepare for the surge by carbo-loading and watching SYTYCD. Starting tomorrow at 6:30 am, all systems are go.

If I haven’t blogged again within like a week, avenge my death.


  1. Go find the Australian embassy and flip them the bird.

    And you think you can do dad-style sight-seeing with 24 hours notice? The dude plans for MONTHS in advance. I don't might need to call dad for help. He might be able to scrounge up an archived yellow pad for you.

  2. I can't express how jealous and envious I am of you and Becca. I have never been to NY and I really want to go. My husband even served his mission in NY (upstate, not city, but I want to see that too) And he still hasn't taken me! So soak it up for me, and tell me everything, no detail is too small. Thanks :)



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