Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Honeymoon phase.

Did you ever get that feeling when you were in school, and there would be a holiday weekend, where you'd kind of forget about it for a little while, and then on Sunday night or something you'd suddenly remember that you had the day off and it was like a mini surprise party in your mind? That's how I feel, living in New York. Sometimes, when I'm sitting at my desk on a slow afternoon at work, or just watching TV in my apartment, I sort of forget that I live here.

And then I remember, and it is awesome.


  1. That happened once to me, and it was a pretty awesome feeling. Surprise party in your mind is a good description. I am so jealous of you living there, but then I rationalize by saying I'm sure some people in NYC are jealous of me moving to Boise..HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, you really should be friends with Jordan's cousin. He would fit in perfectly on a certain blog I know.

  2. A little different than waking up in Provo and realizing that you... still live in Provo.

  3. The same thing happens with me in Vacaville... oh wait, no it doesn't.

  4. hmm those feelings happened to me while we were living in london.



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