Friday, August 8, 2008

Two good things.

I came across this article - The Girl in the Window - yesterday, and it's one of the most incredible stories I've read in a while. Heartbreaking, but also full of hope. If you have a few minutes, it is very much worth a read.

Also, a HUGE shout-out to my sister Becca who just got accepted to the University of Utah nursing program! She has worked incredibly hard to get where she is, and to get accepted to a very competitive program. I have really admired her diligence and the passion with which she has pursued her goal. I know she will excel in her program and be an absolutely fantastic nurse. I am so proud of her, and if I hadn't been at work when she called with the news, I would have been screaming right along with her!


  1. Oh my gosh. I just read that story about the Girl in the Window. How people can be so cruel to a child is beyond my understanding. I am so impressed by the new family that took her in...what a huge heart they have. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. Isn't that story terrible?? I forget where I saw it. That mom is outrageous, and I can't believe they let her plea bargain. Isn't it amazing what environment can do to human development?

  3. That article blew my mind. So sad, and I can't believe how long that disgusting mom got away with that. Wow.



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