Thursday, August 14, 2008


Okay, forget the mosquito-bite-on-the-toe fiasco. THIS is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drown my sorrows in mass amounts of Ben & Jerry's and ample footage of shirtless Michael Phelps.


  1. yeah, i heard about this just today. two words: Ge-ay.

  2. Well at least it makes it easier for you, Krissy, and Becca to get together for the midnight showing!

  3. Apparently the reason HP got pushed back is bc he'll be promoting Equus at the same time...needless to say I doubt HP producers want it all tangled up with a play about horse sex.,2933,404681,00.html

    So Laura...will you be seeing Equus?? hahahhaa. aside from the obvious stuff I don't want to see, the plot is kind of interesting. I'm really mad about the movie though.

  4. Mindy and I were discussing that if any crazy Twilight movie fans say that Harry Potter was too chicken to release their movie around the same time, we'll kill them.

  5. Oh dude, they will be murdered. I mean, whatever, I'm definitely going to see Twilight, but it is no HP. HP would have CRUSHED Twilight, no question.

    Leigh - hahaha... I don't know, I thought about it, but I really think it might scar me to see Harry Potter in such a setting. We shall see.

    And yes, mom, the knowledge that Becca, Krissy and I will probably be able to go to the midnight showing together now is like the only thing that has softened this blow.

  6. That sucks! Yeah, Ben & Jerry's always makes me feel better too!

  7. uhhh...yeah. NOT cool! Speaking of Twilight, have you finished Breaking Dawn? I have some comments if you have..But Harry could totally take Edward, and I'm disappointed the Big Movie People didn't agree..



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