Thursday, January 8, 2009

One year.

Sometime over the course of a person’s first year in New York, there usually comes that moment. It can happen in the first days or weeks, or after 10 months. It can happen repeatedly, or without people noticing, at least not at first.

Newcomers suddenly realize either that the city is not working for them or that they are inexorably becoming part of it, or both. They find themselves walking and talking faster.

The subway begins to make sense. Patience is whittled away; sarcasm often ensues. New friends are made, routines established, and city life begins to feel like second nature. In other words, newcomers find themselves becoming New Yorkers.

"It can be lonely, very lonely, and I knew I would find it hard," said Lisa Phin, 25[...] "But if you can stick it out for one year, you’re home free."

-The New York Times


  1. i think one of my goals for 2009 is to come visit you in new york. perhaps i can convince marisa to join me. i knew you were a city girl from the first time we set foot in london. ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary. That New York gazebo sucks, by the way. I've seen much better in Pleasanton.

  3. Happy Manhattanniversary/Uptowniversary/Newyorkiversary!

  4. You've been there a year already!! Man, time sure flies (especially this last year).



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