Friday, January 16, 2009


I think the sun in that picture is mocking me.

A majority of the island of Manhattan is laid out in a grid system. Numbered streets run horizontally across the island, while avenues run vertically and are usually both wider and much longer than the streets. As a result, these avenues have the tendency to create ridiculous wind tunnels. This made for a fun party as I stepped out of the subway and walked along 15th street toward my office. With high buildings on either side of me, it was still frigid, but bearable in my peacoat, thick cozy boots, ear warmers, and huge knitted scarf. But as I stepped out to the edge of the intersection at 9th avenue, I learned the true meaning of "below-zero windchill" as I was blinded by tears and my face felt like it would freeze off. And while I prayed for the light to change, I honestly couldn't think of a good reason why I had bothered to emerge from underneath my down comforter this morning.

I'm seriously considering becoming a hermit for the next few months. Luckily, January isn't all bad, for reasons which happen to make my hermit idea all the more appealing:

(What? Don't judge me.)


  1. Yeah, thats too bad about the weather you are having. It's pretty cold here too! It's freakin' 75 degrees here...I might have to put on a long sleeve shirt! ;)

  2. I've been reading your blog for some time now and thought I would finally say hello. So, hi!

    TV watching is the best way to pass a cold spell...I am working on that right now! :)

  3. Snow falling peacefully outside. Chinese leftovers strewn about the room. Blankets and cushy surfaces abound. PJ pants: a must. You, me, and Jack Bauer.

    That remains a historically amazing day. Nothing beats staying inside when it's cold out and I hope your weekend is full of some of these elements and fewer frozen nose moments.

  4. I thought of you yesterday morning as I saw it snowing in NYC watching the Today show. I remember those frigid windchills while tracting on cold winter days in Maryland. Winters in Las Vegas are just right.

  5. I judge you for watching The Bachelor.

  6. It's a good thing you also watch Lost...

  7. i happily give you a standing ovation with NO judgment what-so-ever ... seeing i love 90% percent of the shows you've listed.

    i'm new to the Bachelor... but really, could t.v. get any filthier than this? Ooooo it's just too down right trashy and humiliating to give up. and i've only just jumped on the band wagon this season! i don't know how those girls do it. it's really embarrassing...i speak on behalf of our gender.

    p.s i am marrying Jack from Lost. i don't know if you heard yet...

  8. I love all those shows. No judgment here!



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