Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Oh, hello.

So I don't know if you've heard this whole business about it being 2009, but apparently it is. Also notable is the fact that I am now back to having a real life (job, getting dressed before 4pm, etc.) after almost two weeks home with the fam in California. It was glorious. I shan't try to relate every detail, because I sometimes feel that talking about how awesome my family is makes other people feel badly about themselves. But here are the highlights:

- the playing of many games, mostly trivia-based or Wii-based, some frisbee-based
- delicious food
- Christmas morning with Emaline alternating between "Oh, it's wonderful!" and "I can't believe it!"
- lots of hilarity
- 14 people living in my parents' gorgeous new house, and not feeling crowded
- Sing-a-long Sound of Music at the Castro Theatre for my Aunt Nancy's birthday, which was amazing. In addition to singing along (the lyrics were up on the screen), audience members were encouraged to shout out comments and make noise at appropriate (and inappropriate) moments--especially cheering for Maria and the Captain, and hissing for the Baroness. The Castro crowd was particularly enthusiastic about lines such as "chase every rainbow" and "the gayest parties."
- In-N-Out
- ringing in the New Year while sipping Martinelli's in the hot tub
- making a family resolution to Be More Fabulous in 2009

Photographic evidence can be found here. And if you think 70 pictures is a lot, consider that I took over 300 to begin with. You're welcome.


  1. WOW!!! seriously, your family DOES sound awesome. i can't believe you can spend time away from them!

  2. What about Guitar Hero? Or does that fall under the category of Wii based games?

  3. Nope, no Guitar Hero, although we did play a good amount of Rock Band on the Playstation...

  4. Fun pictures. So tell me...are the crowns supposed to represent your family is true Royalty or just that you were eating a feast fit for a King?

  5. i don't know why we're not related.

  6. You DO have an awesome family!! and I'm so glad to have seen you all! :)



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