Friday, March 18, 2011

Moving Day, it's Moving Day.

Well, tomorrow is. And I will probably be singing this all day long.

After two years in our current apartment (and three years, for me, in that neighborhood), we:

are leaving The Heights. I've spent my entire time in Manhattan living in what most of my coworkers basically consider Canada ("Don't you live in the Bronx? I'm pretty sure that far north is considered the Bronx"). And while our new neighborhood may not have a Broadway show based around it, there's still a certain amount of street cred that comes from saying that you live in Harlem, right? I mean, sure, the neighborhood is rapidly gentrifying and the realtors are still trying to make "SoHa" happen, but I think it counts.

While it's smaller than our current place, the new apartment is gorgeous and I am super excited about this move. Here are 4 reasons why (in no particular order):

1. We'll be much closer (walking distance in most cases) to like 90% of our friends.

2. Central Park is a 5 minute walk away.

3. Full-sized washer and dryer in our apartment (!!!!!!!!!!). This is virtually unheard of for a New York apartment, and after three years of laundromats I feel I am being rewarded.

4. The bus to Costco and Target stops around the corner. Churros anytime I want!

Last night as I left my friend Karrie's apartment following our usual Thursday night TV/bonding sesh, I was grumbling about making the hated 45+ minute trip home. Then we both squealed, "LAST TIME!!!" in unison and my excitement returned.

Between this and the fact that it is 70 degrees and sunny outside right now, it is taking all my willpower to concentrate on work today.


  1. moving from the Heights to Harlem was one of the top three best decisions in my life. that, getting married, and deciding to change from 2% to skim milk.

    i LOVED it there. moving FROM Harlem was one of the top 3 worst decisions. that, selling my aol stock, and cutting my own hair in the fifth grade.

    i cannot WAIT for you guys!!!! and i can't wait to vicariously move to Harlem with you!!!! best neighborhood ever!

  2. Congrats! Enjoy your new place - you deserve it.

  3. what? a washer and dryer in nyc? i'm jealous. a lot jealous.



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