Friday, January 28, 2011


You guys, is it me or has it been January for like three months now? Maybe I'm just extra crabby because this is what I awoke to on Monday morning:

That sun seems awfully pleased with itself for something that's right next to a "-5" don't you think?

I feel like I should get an award for extricating myself from bed that day, is all I'm saying. Thankfully, it's been in the balmy 30s the rest of the week, although that came with a price: the snowiest January on record in New York City.

My street yesterday morning.

I also have become resigned to the fact that I will never in my life have a snow day. Well, at least not one that was mandated by a higher power. Growing up in California obviously didn't afford me that opportunity, and when I went to college in Utah, nobody ever seemed impressed enough by the snow to cancel classes. (The closest I came was one blizzardy day in February when I "didn't feel well" and my roommate and I skipped class and spent the whole day watching episodes of 24 in our pajamas and eating leftover Chinese food.) And now that I live in a city where the majority of people take underground transportation, there's no real excuse not to make it into work.

Most of my social life this month has consisted of friends holing up in each others' apartments to hang out and escape the cold. It's also a great excuse to watch mass amounts of TV and movies. Some of the entertainment has admittedly been a little questionable, but I'm also hooked on Downton Abbey thanks to my mom, aunt, and sisters. If you like period pieces, or British people, or Maggie Smith saying awesome things, you should probably watch the first three episodes online and then watch the season finale on Sunday. Sometimes you just have to make your own snow day, and you may as well have something good to watch.


  1. 1. You should have lived in DC last year for "snow week" it was awesome.
    2. I am LOVING Downton Abbey too. I love Mr. Bates! And HATE Thomas.
    3. You should read this awesome article about Maggie Smith:

  2. BYU actually had a snow day of sorts last semester. Everyone was predicted a huge blizzard with terrible driving conditions due to the drifting snow.

    Companies in SLC (including some radio stations) sent everyone home at lunchtime, and BYU followed suit and decided to close campus so that everyone could get home. (Thank goodness J-dawgs didn't wilt at the thought of a few flakes.)

    The "blizzard" came and went and provo got less than an inch of snow. Biggest, letdown, ever.

  3. Snow days are fun for the first few hours. Then it gets crazy. Think of the Homer/Mr Burns-trapped-in-a-cabin-during-snow episode. I was Homer, Mabes was Mr. Burns.

    And Sunday is the finale?!? Why did I think we had 3 more parts left?

  4. Best. February day. Ever. Such an awesome memory.

    And I've hated January too, even without mass amounts of snow like you east coasters, it's still tidally bumming me out.



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