Saturday, May 3, 2008


Look, weather, we need to talk. I know you kind of forgot to do the whole "April showers" thing when you were supposed to - I get it, I'm a procrastinator too. I've been there. But this has got to stop. I do not appreciate it being so foggy that I can't see the top of the building down the street. I do not appreciate it being so misty that by the end of the day my hair has gone from being freshly straightened to making me look like a white Diana Ross. You missed your deadline. It's time for May flowers, not more of your crazy precipitation-related shenanigans. Pull yourself together, because this is starting to get out of hand.


  1. I second that! We should start a petition..because things haven't gone as they should here either!

  2. hmm, two things.

    i would love it if moisture ( i know you hate that word, i had to use it though, sorry) in the air caused my hair to resemble a white diana ross.

    California did not see one drop of rain in April. not one. whoever made up the April showers brings May flowers is full of crap.



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