Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Autumn in New York.

On my run in Central Park on Saturday, I noticed that the leaves are finally starting to change color. It made for a nice palette to enjoy and to distract me as I ran. By the time I got to the reservoir (one of my favorite places in the park), the sun was starting to set. The light was shimmering brilliantly on the water with the red, orange, and golden trees lining the edge and the Manhattan skyline rising up behind.

You know, New York, there are times every once in a while when I think that maybe I'm falling out of love with you. Mostly it's at 1 in the morning when I am willing the train to come so I can get home, or when I realize that half of my income disappears into my rent check, or when I am just so tired of there being so many people everywhere all the time. But then you inevitably pull something like this that reminds me of how amazing you are, and I know that I didn't really mean it at all.


  1. Okay, kid, your dad wants to know where you are at 1 AM and why you haven't been in bed already for at least three hours. Still, I'm glad you're happy, and that you're able to take advantage of some great opportunities. Just get home earlier.

  2. That's a cute little apology to New York. And you know I would LOVE to design your Halloween costume if we were closer to each other. I already created Kambria's, and it is really cute. I miss you.

  3. *sigh*

    I LOVE Fall! And it's so beautiful and perfect when the leaves start to drop here.
    Thanks for sharing the moment!



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