Monday, October 6, 2008


You guys, it is #1 at the box office. I weep for humanity.

In related news, I saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist this weekend, and I really liked it. Cute and hilarious, a sort of Juno-ish feel (and oh, hey, it has Michael Cera too!) but with more natural, fresh writing. Then we wandered around the East Village and ended up at 16 Handles, which... I want to pay them rent and I want to live there forever. Self-serve fro yo (16 different flavors) with tons of toppings; you cram whatever you want into your bowl, and then they weigh it and charge you accordingly. I got cookies and cream, chocolate, and cheesecake fro yo with... well, I can't remember all the toppings I got, but I'm pretty sure there were Cocoa Krispies involved, among other things. Heaven.

Saturday night, Rachel and I tried (successfully!) for the In The Heights ticket lottery, and found ourselves in the front row. I was seated next to a young man with such beautiful blue eyes and shaggy dark hair that it made the Australian accent almost superfluous. His name was Edward (of course) and he was smiling and flirting so much that I was convinced marriage was imminent. By the end of intermission, we even had inside jokes about the groundbreaking french horn-based rock band we were going to start. And then as the curtain closed at the end of the show, he leaned over and said, "It was lovely to meet you," and walked away without a backward glance. Tragic. I will therefore assume that he was either gay or a vampire. One of the two. But the show was good! And as I actually live in The Heights I expected to see a pale red-headed character walking by and getting called "Snowflake" at any moment. Maybe they need extras?


  1. Rob told me last night about Chihuahua being number one and I instantly thought of you. Glad to hear your take on Nick and Nora; I wasn't planning on seeing it but I want to now! And the frozen yogurt? I am envious.

  2. obviously he was a gay vampire.

  3. oh man, dating you is the best thing ever and i would know. edward is a fool.

  4. I tried to go to In the Heights Saturday night too! But we settled for Billy Elliot instead (and really liked it). Visit me in D.C. pls.

  5. ditto to sara's brilliant comment. you're so damn funny, i just can't get enough.... thus this further proves that this edward dude was indeed, gay.



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