Monday, January 10, 2011

End of an era.

Until New Year's Eve, I hadn't really thought much about the fact that midnight would mark the end of a decade. Between that and the fact that my three-year Manhattanniversary was this weekend, I've been feeling a little sentimental and have had time to wax nostalgic about the last 10 years. I think that for me, they can be summed up as The Decade I Grew Up. Although I still don't really consider myself an adult, 2001-2010 contained some of the most significant moments of my life thus far. I went to prom. I graduated high school. I got a passport. I left the country for the first time. I went to college. I had my first boyfriend. I lived in a foreign country. I got my degree. I moved away from home. I landed my first grown-up job. I also made some lifelong friendships, learned what it means to make major decisions, and discovered how to rely on myself.

In the car on the way to the airport to come back after Christmas, my mom and I were talking, and she asked, "What do you think the next decade will bring?" When I imagine myself 10 years ago, it's hard to remember what I thought the next decade would be like. I picture the skinny girl with the braces and the new driver's license and the basically zero life experience and I think, you have no idea. No idea how great and hard and exciting and challenging and hilarious and amazing and scary and FUN things were about to get.

Even if I had the chance to go back in time and tell Past Me about everything, I wouldn't want to (not the least of reasons being that I'd have to prove that I was really from the future, and in the movies they always use their knowledge of the outcomes of sports games as evidence, and I would totally suck at that). For better and worse, I'm glad I didn't understand back then what I was getting myself into. And that's why I won't even try to predict what's next. Because I'm fairly certain that I really just have no idea.


  1. That is crazy to think of all that has happened this last decade and then what the next decade will bring?! So true, you just have no idea! Except, I'm sure we'll be married to hot rich guys and live in big huge perfect houses next door to each other and our kids will be friends.

  2. I love this post :) Especially since you think the biggest problem with time travel is that you don't know sports outcomes, hahaha :)

    In the next DECADE? Sheesh. Jonathan will be a deacon. I can't even think about that. CRAZY!

  3. Before I saw the comments, I was going to write EXACTLY what Lisa wrote...." I love this post!" It caused me to reflect on when my "growing up" decade was (probably 1990-2000, maybe I still am growing up). It made me think about what the last decade has held and where I would be 10 yrs from now.

  4. I like this - well said! epic years 2002-2003 :)



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