Saturday, January 8, 2011

Merry and bright.

Oh, hey. So Christmas was pretty great. It was lovely to escape the city for a little while and spend 10 days with my favorite people. It helped that while NYC was beset with frigid winds and crazy blizzards that shut down three airports, I was enjoying 60 degree sunshine without a care in the world. My parents' house was inhabited by 14 people, with several more coming and going depending on the activities. It's nice to be in a house full of people who share your priorities, namely: eating a lot, silliness, wearing sweats, hugging, and playing video games.

Some highlights:

Christmas Eve feast.


Getting some work done.

An amazing Thai dinner, prepared by my brother's future mother-in-law (p.s. I am awesome at wrapping won tons now, if you require services of that nature).

San Francisco.

A birthday.

In-N-Out. (Twice.)


A zillion more pictures here.

While the break was probably the perfect length and it was nice to get back to real life, it has been extremely hard this week to force myself to do stuff like concentrate on work and wear real pants. I don't like to think of myself as a hero--I'm just doing what I can. And I'm already looking forward to seeing my peeps again this summer.


  1. Someday I will teach you how to get rid of red eye in your photos!

  2. On our way home from your parents' house I was kicking myself (figuratively) for not getting a picture with you! Next time, my friend.

  3. how awesome is this-- we have the exact same high chair (as pictured) from when i was little. that means you and i probably used the same one as babies. i somehow feel so much closer to you now...

    i still love blog stalking you! miss you!



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