Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flames on the side of my face.

Oh, no. Oh, no no no NO. Someone is making a "hip-hop reimagining of Jane Austen's Emma to be renamed" ...wait for it: "Emme." I mean, okay, I will fully admit to seeing Save The Last Dance, and whatever, I might through no fault of my own have watched Step Up more than once (seriously, I don't know how that happened). But there is a time and a place for this sort of nonsense! It is supposed to involve poor dialogue and climactic montages and people from seemingly different worlds coming together through the power of dance. It is NOT supposed to involve classic literature. You guys, I swear, this makes me even more angry than Jessie Spano.

Speaking of that post (and others), may I make a request? (I mean, I know I can - it's my blog. Do as I say!) If you don't have a Blogger account and therefore are commenting anonymously, make sure to put your name somewhere. There have been several instances of witty and amusing comments with no author, and I would really like to know from whence they came. The "I'm so excited" comment still makes me giggle every time I read it.


  1. Oh, what is that, another provocative dance movie?

    Speaking of Jane Austen, I guess Masterpiece made a new Sense and Sensibility movie. I do find it pretty awesome that different people can make different versions of the same story.

  2. I agree, and I like "reimagining" in theory - Clueless is a retelling of Emma, and Bridget Jones's Diary is based(ish) on Pride & Prejudice, and I love both of those movies. But I can already tell this movie is going to blow, and I'm indignant that they're going to totally butcher Jane Austen.

  3. the oeuvre of american film has room for only one contemporary "reimagining" of emma.

    there is, however, infinite space for films in the genre of inner-city-teens-are-saved-through-the-dance, which is my personal favorite genre of film like, ever.

  4. Oh. EWWWWWW. Yuck. I am so NOT happy right now. I am having flashbacks of my unfortunate experience with a movie entitled The Jane Austen Book Club.

  5. Wow. That is a new low. I'll add that to my "avoid at all costs" list.

  6. hm... i don't know how i feel about it. don't hate it actually, it might be really funny, even though every aspect of it is.... unusual, and, um, wrong.
    and i have never seen step-up. my friend and i actually went to the movies to see a different movie, but we were so early that we snuck into step up 2 and watched 15 minutes of it. i quickly lost interest in the movie we were supposed to be seeing. alas, we left, and now am so looking forward to finding out what happens in BOTH Step-ups!
    ps. i got to this new yoga instructor. and you would hate her and much as i do. she's incredibly difficult. every new pose i want to kill her. yoga is not as much fun with out you.
    p.p.s longest comment ever? :)



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