Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keeping busy.

Last Monday: Tribeca Film Festival
Tonight: Feist concert
Tuesday: Flight of the Conchords (and the fulfillment of all my hopes and dreams)
Wednesday: Panic! At The Disco, Motion City Soundtrack, and Phantom Planet concert
May 13: being the whitest white girl at the Kanye West concert
May 19-23: Jeff and Kirsten visit
May 23-26: Memorial Day in Charlotte with my favorite blondes
May 31: Harbor Cruise (possibly)
June 10: Death Cab for Cutie concert
June 18-22: Becca visits
June 27: Matt and Noelle's wedding
July 4th weekend: A trip somewhere? TBD.

Everywhere in between: Work, eating my weight in thin-crust pizza, trying out every farmer's market in Manhattan, running in the park, free Argentine Tango classes, being in a bicycle gang, rooftop cookouts, outdoor cinema at Bryant Park, beach trips, and probably trying not to die of heat exhaustion in my non-air-conditioned apartment.


  1. Do you have an extra ticket for DCforC?

  2. Living the dream.... I hope Kanye gets the crowd to raise the roof, as he did when we attended Letterman. You'll be hard-pressed to look as lame as a 55 year-old geezer gettin' jiggy, but somehow I think you'll succeed.

  3. uhh. the link " my favorite blondes" doesn't lead to me. i'm trying not to take offense.

  4. Kendra - I do, but sadly there is already a waiting list...

    Dad - thank you for believing in me.

    Robyn - Don't be sad, kitten. You are certainly in my top 5. ;)

  5. You might be interested in a sweet concert on July 10.

    Check it out:



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